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HIKO boasts a service team consisting of factory-trained technicians with the expertise to maintain and repair the full range of equipment we provide to our customers. To ensure a seamless experience, we offer a dedicated service phone line that expedites the handling of your service calls, allowing us to promptly schedule and address your service needs. Our technicians are well-versed in servicing the products we sell, and their expertise extends to various types and brands of automotive equipment.

Additionally, HIKO offers a comprehensive selection of inspection and preventative maintenance services, tailored to meet your specific requirements while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. These services are designed to enhance the lifespan of your equipment and maintain its peak performance. We work closely with you to determine the programs that best align with your equipment’s needs. Rest assured, your equipment is our top priority, and we uphold the highest industry standards in delivering our services.

Lift Inspections

HIKO is proud to offer annual lift safety inspections in accordance with the recommendations set forth by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI). These inspections serve a dual purpose: ensuring the safe operation of your lifts and maintaining compliance with OSHA’s work safety requirements. Our lift inspections align with the inspection points recommended by manufacturers and adhere to the guidelines established in the ANSI/ALI ALOIM: 2020 Standard for Automotive Lifts – Safety Requirements for Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance. To further guarantee the quality of our inspections, our technicians are certified as qualified lift inspectors under the guidelines prescribed by the ALI. Upon the successful completion of a lift inspection, you will receive a Lift Certificate documenting that your lift is in a safe and fully operational condition at the time of the inspection.

At your request, our ALI-certified lift inspectors can also conduct a more comprehensive ALI lift inspection, which offers an even more thorough evaluation than the standard safety inspection. This ensures that your lifts are not only safe but also performing optimally.

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Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance Programs

Air compressors are undoubtedly the lifeblood of any service facility. To maintain their optimal performance and ensure they consistently deliver the essential air pressure required to power your operation, we strongly advocate for regular preventative maintenance. Our Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance Programs are meticulously crafted to comprehensively analyze and assess all facets of motor and piston performance. This program encompasses a range of vital tasks, including:

  • Change Oil
  • Check or Replace Intake Filters
  • Check all Belts
  • Check and Test all Safety Controls
  • Lubricate Motor Bearing on Equipment
  • Check all Electric Components
  • Check Pressure Gauges

Upon completion of our Preventative Maintenance service our technicians will give a report on the condition of compressor(s) as of the date of inspection.

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Paint Booth Programs

HIKO is acutely aware of the challenges confronting today’s collision repair marketplace and the rigorous demands placed on businesses within the collision industry. Recognizing your substantial capital investments in paint equipment to address these challenges, we understand the critical importance of ensuring your equipment operates at its peak potential. Our overarching goal is to maintain and safeguard your paint booths, paint prep decks, and associated paint equipment, so they consistently deliver the results you require. HIKO has meticulously devised a range of maintenance programs, all motivated by a singular objective – sustaining your collision center’s operation at maximum productivity.

The Value Proposition:

The cost of a collision center not operating at maximum capacity can be staggering. A mere reduction of one car completed per day translates to an average daily sales loss of $2,000. When calculated over a typical workweek of 5 days and a standard business year of 52 weeks, the cumulative loss mounts to an astounding $520,000 in sales within a year. This decline can result from various factors, including neglected, dirty filters, improperly configured burners, inefficiently running motors, fans hampered by overspray buildup, or obscured lighting due to overspray accumulation, all of which impede production and erode sales. Neglecting proper care can also shorten your equipment’s lifespan, necessitating substantial investment in new equipment before its time.

The Programs:

HIKO offers a spectrum of preventative maintenance programs, each structured around our industry-leading 14-point inspection. This comprehensive inspection encompasses numerous adjustments and modifications to ensure your equipment operates at maximum efficiency. Furthermore, we provide flexible filter programs, offering varying degrees of service where our proficient technicians are scheduled to visit your collision center to replace old, clogged filters with fresh, clean ones. We also extend filter sales and delivery options tailored to your specific needs.

To counter overspray accumulation, maintain optimal fan and motor performance, and enhance visibility, we offer an annual pressure washing program. As an additional service, you can incorporate a booth coating to preserve your booth’s cleanliness and reflectivity, ensuring proper lighting conditions.

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