About HIKO

About HIKO

HIKO was established with a steadfast commitment to excellence, encompassing our product offerings, our dedication to craftsmanship, and our commitment to outstanding customer service. Over the course of 31 years, HIKO has continually worked to reinforce this commitment in all aspects of our business, all with the ultimate goal of surpassing our customers’ expectations. We firmly believe that this unwavering commitment enables us to deliver superior equipment solutions that drive the success of our valued customers. To discover more about the HIKO team and our journey, please read on. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to excellence.

The HIKO Team

The HIKO Team operates as a unified force, divided into three distinct areas of expertise. Our sales consultants are renowned industry experts in automotive equipment. Whether your needs involve a straightforward 2-post above-ground lift or the comprehensive design of a service facility, our sales consultants boast a collective experience of over 60 years to ensure you make the most fitting investment.

Our installation department is equipped with highly trained and specialized installers who diligently adhere to manufacturer specifications, guaranteeing your purchase is correctly set up.

In addition, our service department comprises a team of full-time, factory-trained technicians. They are proficient in conducting preventative maintenance to sustain your equipment’s peak performance and are ready to address any equipment breakdowns you may encounter. These three departments harmoniously constitute the HIKO team, united in their mission to provide complete satisfaction to our common customer, the HIKO customer, throughout the lifetime of their equipment ownership.

History of HIKO

HIKO was started in 1991 by Thomas Hillsman and Joe Kouten to provide the best-in-class equipment to the Richmond Virginia area automotive market.  Its focus was on delivering the best equipment with the best customer service in the marketplace.  31 years later and now a Parsons Ventures Inc. company, this commitment to top-of-the-line quality product and superior customer service has only grown stronger.  Continuing to serve the Richmond area but with an expanded footprint servicing all of Virginia and portions of West Virginia, today our company of over 12 employees continues to work to provide our customers an experience unsurpassed in the industry.  Over the years we have grown our services to include facility design and project management, installation of all types of equipment and related automotive mechanical systems, and a service department with factory trained and experienced technicians.  To discuss your equipment needs, contact us today.

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